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It’s my favorite time of year. March Madness is made for action junkies, which I’m sure I qualify for. The action is non-stop basketball from Tuesday until the next Monday. There are games from the NCAA tournament and the National Invitational Tournament. They even have new college tournaments called CBI and CIA. Teams with losing seasons can now play post season. Seems like a bit too much to me but I enjoy the games. Throw in the nightly NBA and it becomes a basketball party that would satisfy the most avid fan.

I really don’t believe in systems when it comes to betting sports but I’ve always taken all the underdogs in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament with terrific results. I have also always taken all the favorites in the NIT and have done well, but not nearly to the degree of success in the NCAA. But be prudent and don’t blame me if this doesn’t happen this year.

Twitter has become a big thing in our country. It is fun and you make a lot of contacts with people you could never meet under normal circumstances. It puts you in touch with a lot of bitter, sour, scumbags who say terrible things. I try to be reasonable but it comes to a point you have to say goodbye to those folks. I’ve had to block 150 people who follow me because of their abusive comments. Actually, all they want is for you to retweet their stuff where they can pick up followers for themselves. The good thing is that we can control who has access to your page.

Everybody is talking and writing about should you should loan money to people the poker community? It reminds me of a story I put in S/S. A poker player named Lowball Shorty came to me for a loan. He told me he didn’t have milk for his baby, food for his family and was about to be evicted from his home. So I handed him $2500 because he had a good reputation for paying back. About then another poker player came by and asked Shorty if he was going to the 4-8 hundred lowball game that night. When Shorty said yes, he was going, I screamed at him, “I thought you were broke.” He answered, “Oh, I’ve got money for that.”

So, the question about loaning is pretty simple. What are they going to do with the money? Are they going to use it responsibly? Or will they gamble it away in the casino?

Why are they asking me for money? If you aren’t a close friend, the chances are they have already borrowed from their pals and they are desperate. On the other hand if they are a good friend that makes their living playing poker but are just running bad, it’s hard to say no. Usually you should be prepared to not get repaid so if you can’t afford to lose the money, you shouldn’t do it.

It looks like I’m really rambling in this blog so here is another loaming story from the “old days.” I was 25 years old and sitting with the Grand Old Man of poker, John Moss. A poker player came up and asked Johnny for a loan. When Moss, a cold blooded pro who pissed ice water, when asked how he got broke, the player gave him a series of bad beat stories. Moss told him he was sorry but he couldn’t do it. A few minutes later another broke player came by and asked him for money. The guy told Moss he bluffed all his money off, John reached in his pocket and handed him $5000. Why? You have to draw your own conclusion.

The bad part of this time of year is that as the pollen count goes up the closer it is until my wife has to leave. Every year before April her allergies get so bad she has to leave town. If she doesn’t, allergies turn into asthma which could be life threatening. We have kept a small place in Hawaii that she goes to for six to seven weeks. I can’t stand the slow paced life over there so I never go but it is really hard to get along without her. Not only does she take care of me, we have three dogs, two cats and eight feral cats who stay in our back yard. They have to be watered and fed every day. Thank goodness my daughter Pam is staying with us while her house is being worked on so she can help. Also there is going to be a lot of poker the next few months.

May the flop be with you!
Doyle Brunson

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