Doyleism of the Day: “The Road to Success is always under construction”

I’ve been persuaded to start writing my blog again. I’ll try to keep it updated at I’ve had many, many problems in the past several months and haven’t been focused on poker or poker events.

After six long years at promoting and internet poker, everything came crashing down on “Black Friday”. I had already left promoting internet poker before Black Friday, but that was the day that changed the poker world. Not only did that day keep U.S. poker players from playing on the internet, it took away all advertising dollars that kept the tournaments going. Maybe we will get legislation for internet gambling out of all this. We all hope so.

I’ve been re-evaluating my plans for playing poker in 2012. I don’t really want to travel everywhere to play tournaments. I’ll probably play most of the tournaments in Vegas and some in California. If I’m feeling good, I really would like to go to Cannes for the WSOPE. Im going to push the envelope pretty hard this year because if I cant compete at the highest level, I need to know it, I’m confident I can beat the mixed games because all the younger guys have one or two games they are very weak at. However I plan on playing in the big NLH with the best NL players in the world. I’ve had good results with my PLO but have never felt comfortable in the deep stack cash games. So I think I’ll try that also and play like I did when I was much younger.

For some strange reason, I’ve become allergic to most kinds of meat besides some kind of fish. I can still handle a cheeseburger but for someone that has always been a steak and potato eater it’s a big change. Its seems nothing in my life has ever been normal so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me. Maybe I’ll see what all this vegan way of eating is all about.

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