Doylism… “The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

This presidential election shows us how politics have evolved. Romney ran a great campaign, got almost all of the Christian and party followers votes and never had a chance. The minority votes of the Hispanics and Blacks gave Obama such a solid base that it was impossible to defeat him. When the government gives the voters “things”, they obviously don’t want someone to take them away. If the Republican party doesn’t come up with someway to combat that, we are going to have a Democrat in our oval office for a long time. I hope that a lot of folks, including me, are wrong and Obama does a great job. After all, he is our President and everybody should support him, regardless of political affiliation.

The good news for poker players are we have a much better chance after the election of getting online poker back. There is legislation that is in the works that give us a shot in the “lame duck” Congressional meetings. Seems like Full Tilt is back in operation and doing much better than anyone thought. We need online poker back because the cash games are suffering because of tournaments and the economy.

My daughter in law Anjela always grooms my dogs. Todd and her have been in Montana for 4 months and they are really shaggy. I can’t take them to a professional groomer because of their ailments from being 16 years old. So I took a pair of scissors and started cutting hair off Casper my toy poodle. He looks like a vagabond and my wife is furious with me. Oh well, what else is new?

Time marches on. On my college basketball team that beat the University of Arizona for the Border Conference championship in 1953, there were 12 guys on our squad. Until last week, all 12 were still living but we lost our 1st teammate, Bob Tremaine, who was a frequent visitor to Vegas where he counseled troubled poker players. He was a great personal friend who was always there if you needed him. He will be missed.

Speaking of that, I didn’t mean to start such an uproar about my tweet on twitter that I had a cancer removed from my shoulder. It was a simple in house procedure that took about two minutes. The cancer was a squamous cell malignancy that is very slow spreading and almost never life threatening. The most common cause is a lot of exposure to the sun. But I sure did enjoy all those years of playing golf:-). I do appreciate all the get well tweets, calls, and e-mails.

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