Doylism of the Day: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

I can’t believe the difference in my life when I’m not playing poker. It’s almost another world. When I play poker every day I’m so focused on what I’m doing at the poker table nothing else seems to matter. I wonder if my fellow pro poker players approach the game with the same intensity that I do. Even After playing a long session I come home and think of questionable plays I made at the game and review my options at the time.

I’m not sure if that is a healthy approach to poker and life. Not only is it difficult on your family and the people around you but I actually have physical and mental withdrawal pains when I stop playing. That is when I get lots of tweets from my twitter followers about what a cranky old man I’ve become. But playing poker is the life I chose and I want to do my best, but you forfeit a lot when you go to that extreme. I guess you just have to live with the ups and downs.

I’m excited about the 2012 Olympics that are underway. I enjoy all of the events but I can’t wait for the track and field events. I guess because of my athletic background in high school and college, every race and competitive event almost brings tears to my eyes. I know how hard these Kids have worked to get there. I feel the elation of the winners and the disappointments of the losers. I’m especially partial to the long distance races and I sometimes feel as though I’m running along with my favorite runner. The two things on my bucket list that I probably will never get to do is going to see the Olympics and visiting Israel. But I consider myself very fortunate to have done most of the things in life that I wanted.

I’m heading for Montana early next week. I can’t wait to get there. The tough part is taking my three dogs along with Todd’s three dogs and three birds. I want to fly, but my dogs are so old and fragile I’m afraid it might hurt them. Todd has a small bus that will handle all of us but I’m not looking forward to 16 hours in that thing. If I don’t hurry I won’t get to see the big black bear that comes over my fence every year and takes all my apples off the apple tree. I’m not about to argue with him though. My 70 year old raspberries bushes are ready also but might be gone before I get there. I need to get there Mid July but the WSOP keeps that from happening.

May the Flop be with you.
Doyle Brunson

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5 thoughts on “Doylism of the Day: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”

  1. Hello Mr. Brunson

    I am Vincent from Germany. I quit playing poker professionally this year. Because I feel overrolled by my own emotions and some opponents as well. At the beginning of 2012 I started to write a book about Poker. But I never REALLY started. I have a little list of players I want to interview. You are one of them. So if you are interested in my book and want to know what I am going to write about, please contact me.

    Actually you are the first pro I am asking to have an interview with me. I am convinced my books content is interesting for every pokerplayer. Especially for those who just started professionally or think about to take a shot.

    Do not hesitate to ask me anything you want to know about me.

    Kind regards,


  2. Doyle i like you so much. You are ruthless at the poker table, you have experience in poker and most important: in life. I enjoy every time when i faind a new post on your blog.
    I have an idea: why you dont sell the original post and raise the money for charity? i know for sure this will sell expensive and fast.
    PS: My own belief in life is that only good deeds(helping fellow needs and deserve) MATTER(and count).
    Good health Doyle and beutiful holiday in Montana.
    Respectfully, Dorin

  3. I am an Australian who is living in Europe at this time. Do you think that Full tilt poker will make any return to players funds. I have $73,000 and it was not winnings in fact I had lost nearly double that over the previous 3 years. Thank you

  4. Doylee,
    I had a few, let’s say distractions lately, you flop some and ya drop some, but a check n’ a chair and ya still there.
    So becuase of personal “distractions” I missed the fact ya buddy had left us. My sincerest and heart felt condolences to you, and they don’t come any more sincerely than my semi-humble :) self, and when I say I’ll pray for old slim i’ll em London to a brick it happens. i’m trulty sorry old chap.
    Well after my dramas (my trade was replaced by computer animated robots but every kick in rump is a hint from God to broaden your horizens so I’m finally going run up a major roll and live my dream), I couldn’t get a decent game (I’m so much further South of the Mason Dixon than you, a satellite could lob in ya lap, Australia ain’t no poker heaven but I managed to get a crumby modem with limited finances and pop a lousy Benejamin in as my start out buy in. After exactly 1 hour 3 minutes shes 216us I doubled up in about an hour and only had 4 decent hands (grindin it out in limit……Yeh right :) and this line to ya, not just to farewell a man I knew meant the world to ya, but to thank you ( and the brat and about another 15 authors, one a bonified fruitcake, but I just loves fruitcake and 2,000 hours on the Master Poker program) as I honestly couldn’t have started out so promisingly without ya’all, and if the way I play my simulator and initiation are anything to go by, i might just owe you a decent percentage more than thanks.
    Be well Tex, I feel i know your personality through ya books and have a real soft spot for guys like you, and in any case theoptions have limited appeal.

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