Doylism…”No is one of the few words that can never be misunderstood”.

Every time I come back from my home state of Texas, I can’t believe the economy there. Everything is booming, new homes are going up as fast as they can be built. It seems every cafe and every shop are being over run with customers. I tried to get a hotel or motel room in a hundred miles of Odessa and couldn’t find one. Every one was sold out and some were booked months in advance. The reason for all this is a new oil discovery called the Cline Shell where millions of barrels of oil are. The oil companies are desperate to find housing for all their workers. I have the mineral rights to 400 acres right in the heart of it so I’m pulling for a big strike. It would be something if I got “oil rich” off a place that was so poor that I worked hard to get out of. If I hadn’t got athletic scholarships to college I could possibly still be on the farm praying for rain. Funny how life works!

On the plane coming and going I read Johnny Hughe’s book “Famous Gamblers, Poker History, and Texas Stories”. It’s a good read and I can speak from experience it has a lot of truth in it. Brings back old memories of some great times and many old friends that have passed on. I’m not sure that I remember Johnny but it is very obvious he was on the scene around Texas and Vegas.

I’m on a 2-3 week break from poker and I’ve got the itch to get back playing. The trouble is there are so many of the Vegas players that are traveling to the tournaments it’s difficult to get games started. The few players that are around are reluctant to start games. I’ve never understood why players don’t help getting the game going, if everybody was like that there would be no games. In the “old days” Pug Pearson, Chip Reese and myself would start with just us three. The games always filled up and ran for days without stopping. My age has really taken away the biggest advantage I ever had which was being able to play for many, many hours and not lose concentration. Oh well, Father Time waits on no man!

I get a big kick about all the commotion that is being stirred up over the poker players that went to “life school”. Why does every one think it is a cult. I always thought a cult had a religious connotation and after talking to one of the guys that went, he told me there was no high pressure salesmanship and religion was never mentioned. It is more like a Tony Robbin’s motivational school. Whatever, it’s those guys choice to do what they want.

Still debating if I want to make a run at the WSOP this year and try to win a bracelet. I think there is plenty of gas in my gas tank to put in lots of the hours that are required to give yourself a chance. Trouble is that’s when the cash games are going around the clock and I’m afraid after a few hours in a tournament I’ll wonder what the heck I’m doing. When that happens you are losing your money and your time.

Still missing Casper.

May the flop be with you
Doyle Brunson

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