Doylism “Money talks alright. What it usually says is goodbye”

Times have certainly changed in basketball since I played several decades ago. I was voted the MVP in a major basketball conference in the 50′s. I averaged 15 points per game. Jack Taylor from Grinnel College, a Division 3 basketball team, threw in 138 points against Faith Baptist College. He didn’t even shoot 50%,but he took 108 shots including 71 three pointers. The losing school had a player that made 70 points. If Grinell didn’t steal the ball right away, they would let the other team have a lay up. That is making a mockery of the game of basketball and the coach at Grinell should be fired for taking advantage of a school that only has 270 students. But on the other hand, he got a ton of publicity for his school.

I was so glad to see the cease fire agreement in the Middle East. I hope America backs Israel 100% because after Canada and Great Britain they are our strongest ally. Looking at a map of that region, Israel is such a small country, it’s hard to see how they can survive in such a hostile atmosphere but they are going to cause all out war if the Arab states don’t back off.

It looks like with our economy in such bad shape, the dollar is going to continue to fall. I’m taking all my spare money and buying gold and silver as a hedge against inflation. It may not help but I don’t believe the government can print enough money to get us out of this financial trouble we are in. America is very resilient so I hope I’m wrong.

For the 1st time that I can remember, Daniel Negreanu admits in his “rant blog” there is a slight chance he might be on occasion slightly wrong and prejudiced. I have always admired him for speaking his mind but I think he does take it to the extreme sometimes. Nobody can be the judge and the jury, there are almost always two sides to every story. At least we agree that something has to be done about the slow play in the poker tournaments. It makes almost unwatchable TV and is very boring. A shot clock is the answer and the only question is how long can a player wait before he acts? I think one minute is plenty of time. We had a tourney in Lake Tahoe that had a 20 second clock and it was the most fun I’ve ever had in a tournament.

Again, I appreciate all the concern about my most recent cancer scare. I’m completely cancer free from a skin cancer. I didn’t mean to alarm people when I tweeted about it on twitter. I guess I used bad language when I wrote about it, so all you RIP Doyle folks can cool it!

May the flop be with you.
Doyle Brunson

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