Doyleism of the day “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”

Poker is going strong in Vegas. There is two or three medium stake poker games every day. The games aren’t nearly as high as they were before “Black Friday”, but at least they are going every day. The games are 3 hundred six hundred at the Aria and 6 hundred twelve hundred at the Bellagio with the stakes going a little higher sometimes. There seems to be lots of players because there is usually a waiting list.

I’ve been playing everyday 8-12 hours each time despite having high blood pressure I’ve been feeling good and have been on a heater winning 14 out of the last 15 days. The blood pressure isn’t dangerously high but all my life doctors have commented on how good it is. So its uncharted waters for me, the doctors said I had to give up salty foods for a while. There goes the Cheetos and gold fish snacks I’ve been eating at night.

Seems like everyone is gearing up for the Presidential election. Mitt Romney won Nevada as expected and will probably be the Republican nominee for President. I voted for Ron Paul and firmly believe her would be the best President. However I doubt he can overcome Romney’s popularity and the funds he has for his campaign. Paul is a little too old and underfunded to have a realistic chance. I also believe that none of the Republican nominees can defeat Obama. I hope everyone gets out and votes in the election, America has some tough years ahead.

The weather is getting nice here in Vegas my pool heater back on and swim half and hour every morning, I need to swim because my leg keeps me from doing any exercise so I plan on building up until I can swim 6-8 hundred yards everyday. How I miss not being able to play golf on the nice days. Shows how we don’t really appreciate things until we don’t have them anymore.

May the flop be with you!
Doyle Brunson

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