Doylism…“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”…Will Rogers

After two weeks of major depression over losing my dog Casper, I’m beginning to get back in the swing of things. I went to the poker game at the Bellagio last night and had a nice win even though I felt really bad. All the players asked about Casper and offered their condolences. It was tough reliving Casper passing away in my arms on the way to the vet but I did it, sharing my feelings with them.

It probably seems extreme to most folks because almost everybody has lost a pet. But I’m also sure that everybody had a special pet that they remember and miss more than others. How can you not miss a loving animal that was the last thing you see at night and the 1st thing you see in the morning? He slept with me and my wife every night for 16 years. We didn’t take trips unless we could take him and his running mate Cutie, a 15 year old Bichon. When I left town he would follow my wife with the same devotion. Casper followed me everywhere, even to scratching on the bathroom door when I was in there. If I left he never failed to be waiting by the door unless I was gone for a real long time. It didn’t matter to Casper if I was winner or loser, he just brought joy in my life each and every time I saw him. He had a bed on my desk and would sleep in it as long as I sat there.

Most of you that read this will be twitter followers. I don’t know how accurate 400,000 followers is but I received hundreds, maybe thousands of tweets saying how sorry they were for my loss. I counted ten from countries outside of the United States, there were probably a lot more. I expected a lot of negative tweets from the RIP Doyle folks about why I don’t join Casper but only had one that I saw that was bad. Naturally I blocked him and I want to thank everybody else for their sympathy tweets. Casper might have been one of the most famous dogs in the world because of my stories and tweets about his activities.

One more story about Casper. In 1998 I was playing in the WSOP and came home late at night. There were two masked men with guns waiting for me and to make a long story short, we had a 20 minute home invasion. Because I was uncooperative and set off the alarm, I got pistol whipped and it was quite a brawl. We had a two story house and Casper and Cutie were upstairs and they never came down the steps. Strange, because Casper was very territorial and bit 47 people in his lifetime. I’ve never understood why they didn’t come down. Was it a sixth sense of fear, a guardian angel or what? I’m sure if Casper tried to bite one of the men I would have been seriously hurt, maybe even killed. After the masked men left and the cops came, Casper rushed down and bit one of the policemen. One of the mysteries of life. RIP Casper

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