Doylism of the Day: “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is.”

Just a quick blog to update my Montana trip. After riding in my son Todd’s small bus for 18 hours with my two dogs, it took a day or two to recover. I was afraid my dogs, who are 15&16 years old, couldn’t take a flight in a small cage. But after resting up, Montana is everything I remember about country living. All of my family, except my daughter Pam are here and there is nothing like family visits, especially at dinner every night. Pam had to take care of some property problems in Vegas but will be here next week.

I haven’t travelled around much because of watching the Olympics. I’m absolutely amazed as these great athletes perform. I’m especially partial to the running events because I can compare my feeble times that I ran 60 years ago to modern day times. I recorded most of the events and am just today watching the marathon. It’s incredible how these African runners can just keep going for so long at miles under 5 minutes. The United States have nobody that can even compete with these guys. I’m sure as time passes the runners will get better and better. I get a kick out of everyone comparing the original dream team in basketball to our present team. It’s like all the other team sports, we will never know who is better. But in track and field, the times speak for themselves. Nobody can deny that Bolt is the greatest sprinter of all times or that Phelps is the greatest swimmer. Just look at the times, then you know. Anyway, I hope everybody enjoyed the games as much as I did.

Did you ever see a 7 lb poodle chase a huge black bear? My 16 year old poodle Casper took off after an old bear that raids my apple tree every year. The bear ran and climbed a tree with Casper nipping at his heels. I was screaming at Casper to stop but he doesn’t know the meaning of fear. That bear could have ended Casper’s life with one swipe of his paw but thank goodness Casper startled him into running away. I caught Casper and locked him in the house and the bear climbed down and left. But he will come back because he sure likes those apples.

Todd’s poker tournament, The Montana Challenge, starts the 22nd of this month and lasts 4-5 days. We have a good time every year at the tourney and get a nice number of local poker players. I’ll play in that and then probably head back to Vegas in the early part of September. I miss the action and am ready to play some serious poker when I get home.

May the flop be with you.
Doyle Brunson

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