Doylism… “Common sense is genius dressed up in work clothes”

Waiting for the debate tonight. I think it will be a good one with both candidates firing from the hip. Obama has to be aggressive but has to be careful not to portray the wrong image. Romney needs to continue his assertive ways that he demonstrated in the first debate. I bet Daniel Negreanu 5K Romney would win in the polls. I used the CNN poll which was my mistake, they usually favor the liberals.

The most common question I get these days is should a young person quit his schooling and try to become a professional poker player? My answer is a resounding no! At this point because of the economy, the absence of Internet poker, and the introduction of new poker games that have a high variance, poker is really tough right now. Maybe things will change but for now it’s a tough road to make a living playing poker.

I hate to dwell on politics but there are a few things that really tick me off. Why do we have to keep sending money to countries that hate us? If China is so rich they can loan us so much money, let them help the financially troubled countries. Why can’t Congress live under the same things they vote that we have to do. Why isn’t their health plan the same as the average American? How can they vote to give themselves raises in salary’s and lifetime pensions? Why can’t we control illegal immigration? How can we not back Israel 100% and keep our military strong? There are two sides to most political questions but regardless of which party you back, how can anybody not address those questions?

I’m happy to see that the new Full Tilt Poker is ready to reopen to the countries outside of the USA. Now perhaps we can get online poker legalized here and all the American players get their money back.

May the flop be with you.
Doyle Brunson

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